Seamless NGS is a software for automated analysis and management of next-generation sequencing experiments. It provides easy access to advanced bioinformatics protocols and reduces the time needed to manage large amounts of data.


Multiple Applications

Investigate genetic variations for NGS-based panels from various kit and machine manufacturers.

Medical Guideline

Analysis results and quality control follow the S1-Guideline created by the German Society of Human Genetics (GfH).


Seamless NGS can incorporate custom panels, tailored visualizations and special downstream analyses.


Save time and effort

The software is optimized for fast and automated routine usage in diagnostic labs. Our end-to-end software moves you rapidly from data generation to interpretation.

Stringent Quality Control

Seamless NGS gives you all measures to assess the quality of each sample quickly and intuitively. Tracking of quality of certain panels/protocols over time allows you to evaluate your wet lab efforts.

Clear Result Presentation

Comprehensive information about DNA variants, their annotation and effects is direcly available. Various sorting and filtering options enable fast result interpretation.

Interactive Data Exploration

Intuitive sequence visualization has been tighly integrated into Seamless NGS to help reducing false postives and increasing certainity in problematic variant calls.

Feature Overview

Push-Button Analysis High Data Security and Privacy
Up to 50% Time Saving per Sample Enhanced Quality Control
Visual Double Checks Clear Visualization
Easy-To-Use with Large Gene Panels Highly Customizable
Professional Bioinformatics Support Following the S1-Guideline (by GfH)

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